Code of Conduct

A Social Insider is:


The Social Insider program is only effective if it’s completely honest. When posting blog reviews and holding your own contests, it is important to make known that you are a member of the Social Insiders and announce what you received as a part of your kit. Whether you have a good or bad experience with a product, it’s your genuine opinion that counts.



As such a close-knit group, we would never do anything to jeopardize the integrity of the program. Therefore, we do not post foolish pictures with or attempt to resell any of the products we receive as part of a Social Insiders Promotion.



When we share information about exciting products and promotions, we also understand that people may want to share their opinions and experiences with us as well. Listening will help us become better, more informed Social Insiders.



In Touch
Participate in Social Insiders discussion groups and forums. We highly value your opinion, as do your fellow Social Insiders. Keep up with the latest information by subscribing to our weekly newsletter.



Always Having Fun
Being a member of the Social Insiders community is fun because not only do you get access to amazing new products and promotions, you get to share experiences in your own unique way. Don’t be afraid to be creative.